Friday, September 1, 2017

5 Cool Camping Gadgets For Your Next Trip

Camping is fun and relaxing, but it can also be a lot of work. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the modern world, the 21st century! We now have clever inventions to keep our life, even our camping lives much more fun and simple. Keep reading for a list of cool camping gadgets you’ll love. Bring on the high-tech camping!

Image of two women looking over a canyon, holding a piece of paper over their heads. Check out our list of 5 cool camping gadgets for modern campers.

5 Cool Camping Gadgets For High-Tech Campers

  1. Qube Tent - Do you have trouble setting up a tent by yourself? Well, if you use Qube tent, you can get it done in less than two minutes. It is as easy to pack up as it is to set up. Also, every Qube Tent is able to connect with another Qube tent so you can build your very own party area!
  2. Enki Stove - Why are we carrying gas tanks and charcoal, when the smoke can be harmful for our bodies and the planet? With the Enki Stove you can cook over a clean, smoke-free, and reliable flame using just branches, or other biomass found at your campsite!
  3. Lunatec Aquabot - Water is precious and clean water is even more precious when you’re camping. Lunatec Aquabot, a bottle with a spray top, adds convenience and efficiency to your water bottle. It’s fun and simple to use!
  4. The Muncher - Have you ever suffered when you don’t have the tool you need? The Muncher is your whole toolbox, rolled into one 10 in 1 titanium multi-utensil.
  5. Mobile Mummy - If you’re always either too hot or too cold in your sleeping bag, check out the Mobile Mummy! It has two innovative zipperless arm pockets. They’re closed most of the time, but you have the ability to pop your arms out if you feel too warm. You can also pop your legs out and walk around with your sleeping bag on. (It’s the latest in chic campfire fashion.)

Can you imagine taking a futuristic camping trip with these cool camping gadgets? Of course, you’re welcome to bring them along next time you camp at Lindy’s Landing!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flood Water Updates

A year ago, who would have dreamed we were going to have TOO MUCH water?! They say, “Ask and you shall receive”. Looks like all of us Californians begging for an end to the drought got exactly what we asked for! Now, we’re navigating our flooded campgrounds and hoping the water recedes quickly so that we can get dried out fast. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all reservations for the Fourth of July and the weekend of July 7th.

The water level are expected to recede soon, so we should be able to honor the following weekend’s bookings (July 14th-16th)!
Lindy’s Landing gives flood water updates

Follow Along for Continued Flood Water Updates

Take a look at Jake’s video to get a good idea of what it looks like around the campground! As he so aptly puts it, "The upside is, I don't think we have any gophers anymore". There is always an upside.

Check out the difference between the June 29th video (where you can actually see some ground and sand) and the video Jake posted just 10 days earlier. It does give us hope that we can be done with this soon.

The local Sheriff’s Office says we may be able to allow boating this coming weekend, July 14th. However, as of right now we can’t say for certain. We’re keeping our eye on all conditions and checking with the Tulare County Sheriff’s office for all flood water updates and alerts.

Pine Flat Dam is 99% full (as of the end of June). Recent water releases caused flooding in King’s County and posed a threat to many residents and businesses. The release of water was reduced after the flooding occurred.

Visit the Lindy’s Landing Supporters Facebook page for more flood water updates and for information as it’s put out. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions at (559) 897-2885

We miss everyone and hope to have things back to normal soon!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cheap Family Fun This Summer

Summer! The kids are out of school, Mom and Dad put in for vacation time and everyone dreams of days in the sunshine, water sports, grilled food, cold drinks and exploring. Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t always agree with the family’s destination wishes. But living in California means there are many cheap family fun options to fill up your summer and keep everyone happy! We’ve gathered 5 great ideas to fill your summer calendar that won’t break the bank. Give some of these a try:
Lindy’s Landing offers 5 Cheap Family Fun Ideas for your family vacation

5 Cheap Family Fun Ideas for Your Summer

  1. Go Hiking. California offers a maze of hiking trails for every skill level. Whether you plan a short day hike, or make a roadtrip of the the experience, there’s a trail and a view to make your family happy. Don’t believe us? Here are 100 suggestions to get you started:
  2. Learn about the Gold Rush. Visit Coloma, the birthplace of the California Gold Rush. You and your family can choose to spend a day exploring Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park or make a vacation out of the experience by booking a campsite or cabin at the Coloma Resort. Sleep where the miners slept and walk their footsteps through this incredible place that changed the course of history.
  3. Donner Pass. Combining history, exploration and vacation time happens naturally throughout California. Consider a trip to Donner Memorial State Park. The Donner Museum will help you to imagine what the settlers experienced on their incredible journey and the majestic, natural surroundings will give your family an experience to remember. Choose to camp or stay nearby.
  4. Create a list of museums to visit. From one end of our glorious state to the other, you and your family can create a list of museums that speaks to the interests of each of your family members. Click through this incredible list of California museums and start planning!
  5. Best of all… stay with us! Whether you’re local or coming from afar, we welcome you to enjoy our beautiful facility. Kick back along the water or choose to explore all that’s nearby. However you choose to spend your visit with us, we’re confident we’ll fit your budget and your sense of adventure.

Summertime fun doesn’t need to break the bank. Our cheap family fun ideas will get you outdoors, on the road, learning, exploring and staying on budget!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

6 Must-Have Camping Supplies for a Great Stay

Untitled design-2.png

Gear up, it’s time to go camping! Put out the call to your friends, family, tribe...everyone! Plan your camping trip and make sure you have these 6 must-have camping supplies for a great stay!

Our 6 Must-Have Camping Supplies:

  1. The Right Tent – It’s Camping Season and you can buy a tent from big box stores, discount retailers and even from your grocery store. The problem with picking up the least expensive, convenient, grab-n-go tent is that it might leave you sleeping under the stars without a tent at all! Invest a little time in researching the right tent for your needs and head out on your trip with the confidence that you’ll stay snug and dry. put together this handy guide for finding the right tent.
  2. Lantern – Lighting up your campsite whenever you need and for any reason, is important. Don’t forget to add a trusty lantern, whether battery-operated or fueled by propane, you need to be able to count on it working when you need it to. Check out these 6 “Best Camping Lanterns” as rated by
  3. Good Quality Cookware – Preparing food while camping is one of the memory-makers of the experience. Nothing tastes quite the same as the meals eaten during our camping trips. To ensure you and your campmates don’t go hungry, be sure your cookware is lightweight, easy to pack and energy-efficient. Take a look at Top 6 Best Camping Cookwares in 2017, rated by
  4. Camp chairs – Sitting around the campfire, visiting, telling stories, fishing, making-memories...a good portion of your camping experience will be done sitting with your campmates. Be sure to pack enough chairs to go around!
  5. Quality sleeping bags – Your sleeping bag matters. Being warm, dry and comfy during your camping trip means a great stay! Check out this list of The Best Sleeping Bags from
  6. Proper Clothing - Just a reminder that the nights cool down while the days can be downright hot! Don’t forget to pack items to keep warm from head to toe while you visit around the campfire.

Tents, lanterns, cookware, camping chairs, sleeping bags and proper clothing - these 6 must-have camping supplies will help ensure you have a great stay!

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Outdoor Spring Activities for the Family

Spring is here! All the extra rain over the last few months means we’re being treated to an abundance of flowers, green grass, lush hilltops and flowing rivers and lakes. We’ve put together some ideas for local and nearby outdoor spring activities for the family to enjoy. It’s time to get outside and explore! Need ideas? Keep reading...

Lindy’s Landing has put together some ideas for local and nearby outdoor spring activities for the family to enjoy.

Local Outdoor Spring Activities for the Family to Enjoy

From local blooms to hikes in the lush hillsides and exploring giant trees, to enjoying the Kings River or a day along our own shores and campsites, there’s plenty to make you want to stay outside in our local outdoor surroundings!

  • Explore Fresno County’s Blossom Trail - Reedley is part of Fresno County’s famous Blossom Trail. This self-guided tour of local, flowering trees makes for a perfect day of outdoor exploring, picnic time and identifying the various blooms along the way. Don’t forget your camera!

  • Plan a day along Kings River - Fishing, hiking, picnicking… However you choose to enjoy Kings River, you can expect a day of fresh air, flowing water and plenty of choices for exploring.
  • Spend a day with us! - Our day use areas are perfect for kicking back for relaxed fishing, planning a picnic or just visiting with family and friends in the sunshine. We’d love to share the day with you!

We are surrounded by incredible options for enjoying outdoor spring activities for the family! Why not give them all a try?

And don’t forget to give us a call to book your camping reservation. As the weather gets warmer, we fill up fast. Come stay with us awhile: (559) 897-2885

Monday, March 27, 2017

3 Reasons to Plan a Camping Trip this Spring

Nothing feels quite as good as those first sunshiny days after the cold, wet winter. When the seasons change and spring peeks out at us from underneath the chilled ground, we know it’s time to start planning our outdoor activities. We’ve got 3 reasons to plan a camping trip this spring and we can’t wait to share them with you! Ready? Keep reading:
Lindy’s Landing shares the top 3 reasons to plan a camping trip this spring

Our Top 3 Reasons to Plan a Camping Trip this Spring

The sun is finally out, the chill has left the air and we’re ready to not only clean out our homes, but to clean out our very spirits! In our world (and we’re pretty sure your’s too), that means CAMPING! Here are our top 3 reasons to plan a camping trip this spring:

  1. Smaller Crowds - Let’s face it, unless you’re one of us, people aren’t making their camping reservations yet. This means you can get a great spot without fending off the crowds you normally see in the summertime. Spring is the perfect time to pick your favorite spot, spread out and enjoy the singing birds, croaking toads and lapping water without the busyness of a full campground.

  1. The summer heat hasn’t hit yet - There’s something completely different about the springtime sun that brings us out into the fresh air and makes us want to stay there, as opposed to the summertime sunshine that, undoubtedly, brings us joy, but also makes us seek the shade of a large tree and a refreshing dip in the rushing water. Book a springtime camping trip to soak up the sunshine while the temperature stays within welcoming regions.

  1. Wildflowers! - Springtime and the season’s blooms are synonymous! You simply can’t have spring without wildflowers! Pitch your tent, unpack your campground and don’t forget to bring a container or two to hold the fresh picked wildflowers you’re bound to gather on your morning hike!

Ready to get outdoors and plan your spring camping trip? We’re looking forward to seeing you! Take a look at our springtime camping checklist to make sure all your gear is in order and then give us a call to book your camping trip this spring.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

How to Plan a Romantic Camping Trip

Valentine’s Day is on its way and that means everyone’s thinking of romantic dinners, flowers, sparkling eye-catchers, and how to celebrate the special someone in your life. Planning a romantic camping trip during the season of love is a unique way to show your Valentine that you want to create memories with them. We’ve gathered some dreamy ideas to help you plan a memorable and heartfelt romantic camping trip.

Lindy’s Landing has your guide to planning a romantic camping trip

It’s In the Details - How to Plan a Romantic Camping Trip

From gear to recipes to location and all the little details, here are our best tips for planning your romantic camping trip:

Gear - Picking the proper gear is an important detail for your trip.
  • Tent - Be sure you have a tent that’s suitable for the colder weather. If you aren’t sure about your tent, you can check this guide for how to choose a tent.
  • Air Mattress - Whether you’re looking for thick and plush or economical, Amazon has many choices so you can find an air mattress that fits your budget and your comfort level.
  • Duo Sleeping Bag - Staying snug and cozy will be easy in a 2-person sleeping bag.
  • Blankets, Pillows, and Throws - Making the tent snug, cozy, and welcoming is the fun part! Bring plenty of extra pillows and blankets to create the perfect atmosphere for snuggling against the cold.

Food - Picnics have a way of conjuring romantic images of playful couples enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company. Campfires remind us to get close, share a favorite beverage, and warm up together. When you plan a romantic camping trip, you get to have both the picnic and the campfire!
  • Plan for each of you - Nothing says, “I’m thinking of you” like being prepared with your sweetheart’s favorite foods.
  • Will you be staying at the campsite or hiking out to a planned destination? - Think ahead so that your food choices can be easily packed and prepared whether you’re at your campsite, or hiking up to a breathtaking spot.
  • Coffee or tea? - We all start our mornings off with certain routines. Even while camping, you want to be sure you and your loved one get your favorite (and possibly needed) beverage.
  • S’mores Please! - No camping trip is complete without everyone’s favorite camping sweet treat. We found this Valentine’s versions, and grown-up options too.
Untitled design-272.png

Set the Mood - The little details count!
  • Music - You may have created the perfect romantic camping trip playlist, but if you can’t get service or your battery dies, you’ll be humming campfire tunes instead of creating the perfect camping ambiance. Pack a battery operated radio as a backup. Do either of you play the guitar? Bring it!
  • Solar lights - Sure, the stars will be twinkling, but why not add a touch of soft lighting around the campsite and your tent?
Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 4.42.17 PM.png

Ready? This is going to be a trip that you’ll both remember for years to come. Get everything together and make some fantastic memories!

Plan a romantic camping trip at Lindy’s Landing today!

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