Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Haunting Neighbors of Reedley

Is everyone in the Halloween spirit? In honor of the holiday, we did a little research on the “legitimately” haunted places near Lindy’s Landing for those of you thrill seekers out there.

 Reedley became an incorporated town in 1913 which gives the city almost 100 years of history that have, for the most part, remained ghost free. There is no documented proof of this, but rumor has it the Reedley Opera House Theatre is haunted. Numerous people have said they have been victim to sudden cold drafts and mysterious sounds from the rafters while doing a production with the River City Theatre Company

Outside the town of Reedley lies the “most popular Halloween attraction in all of California”  , the Clovis Sanitarium (now known as Wolfe Manor ). This convalescent home of the mentally ill was severely overcrowded during the Great Depression, with some patients rumored to having slept in the halls on a regular basis. 

There was no morgue on site so many of the deceased patients would be held in the basement until the reported deaths were picked up. This continued until 1997 when it was finally shut down.

Todd Wolfe purchased the abandoned sanitarium, renamed it and reopened it to the public as a Halloween attraction. He has mentioned multiple paranormal encounters and unexplained events, particularly the numerous 911 calls that originated from the manor that has no phone lines installed. 

Just down the way in Fresno is the Tyler Street House. This residential home has allegedly been poltergeist ridden since the 1980s and has had over 22 different occupants since then. Tenants have reported seeing red eyes out of dark corners and closets as well as objects launching themselves off of counter tops. What is most startling to us is the legend of a bludgeoned corpse of a cat that has been found by each resident in the upstairs closet regardless of pet ownership!

We hope whatever scary endeavors you get yourself into this October that if you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll stop by and share your frightening stories over the campfire with us.

From all of us at Lindy’s Landing, we wish you a Happy Halloween!

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