Thursday, November 1, 2012

We're in the Mood for Winter Camping!

What a fun week we’ve just had!

The Camping Love of Adventure group came and stayed with us and we couldn’t be happier about it. This group of single seniors/adults schedule week long trips every month to central valley campgrounds and coordinate events for attendees. 
Whether it is off site outings to museums and hiking or on site pot lucks and morning campfires, these ladies offer friendship to one another and bring a jovial vibe to the entire campground when they’re here! 

In other news with Lindy's, we are in full swing with our full timers now. We want to express our  gratitude to the bridge workers and PG&E employees staying with us while tending to their projects (the bridge workers have been with us for about TWO years now!). We know there are many options in the area for you to stay and we appreciate you choosing us. 

Perhaps the biggest news of all is that we have a new camp host! His name is max and he’s my new German Shepherd puppy. Be sure to say hello to him when you see him. I’m in love already. He’ll be maintaining order around the place so make sure you abide by the rules ;)

 Lastly, we have had a few Lindy's supporters out there that requested Lindy's t-shirts. We’re opening up the creative forum to all who have visited Lindy's in the past: Does anyone have any ideas about what the design of the shirt should look like? What feature at Lindy's do you think should absolutely be on the shirt?

Let us know on our facebook, twitter or google+ pages or please, feel free to comment on the blog.

As always, we wanted to thank you all for keeping up to date with us. We wouldn’t be here without our loyal friends and campers!

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