Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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The Holiday Season has arrived and it’s time to find the perfect gift for everyone you’re shopping for. We found some items we’d like to add to our own wish lists and wanted to share these cool gift ideas to help you check off the Outdoor Enthusiasts on your shopping list. From Dutch Ovens to Inflatable Paddleboards, we think you’ll find the perfect gift idea to make your outdoorsman or outdoorsgirl happy!

Great gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Inflatable Lounger - Lightweight and portable, this lounger inflates when you toss it open and capture air inside. It can be taken anywhere and is made to be durable enough to be set up on almost any surface. No need to sit on picnic blankets when you can enjoy this versatile seating.

  • Pendleton National Park Candles - Love the outdoors but can’t get away? These candles have been created to capture the unique scents of various National Parks. Bring the outdoors home!

  • Marshmallow Trees - For kids of all ages who want to enjoy the sweet side of the campfire. Roast up to 10 marshmallows at a time and eliminate the wait for s’mores.

Finding the perfect gift is part of the joy of the season. We love the gift ideas above and would especially love to welcome you, your guests and your outdoor gear during the holiday season.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Outdoor Activities for Fall

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When the weather changes from hot summer days to the cool days of fall, it’s the perfect time to seek out ways to get outside and enjoy the day. We’ve gathered some great ideas for outdoor activities for fall. Yes, you can enjoy these excursions anytime of the year, but there’s just no comparison to the Autumn season.

Outdoor Activity Ideas for Fall

Take a walk with your camera - The crisp air, changing foliage, and wildlife preparing for winter make for plenty to see and photograph when you get out and plan a walk along a local trail on a fall day. Whether you bring a field guide for identifying all you encounter, or simply want to get out into the changing environment, enjoying and photographing the highlights of the season is a great idea!

Plan a hike - Seek out your local trails and plan an excursion with friends. Not only will being outdoors in the seasonal air feel great, but hiking is a fantastic way to move ever closer to your fitness goals. Active.com offers some great tips for preparing.

Camping - We think camping is a great idea no matter what time of year it is, but the cooler, dryer weather during the fall means less bugs and less people. Stay warm and comfortable with cold weather hammock gear as suggested by eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com

Fly a kite - The blustery days make for perfect kite flying weather. Farmersalmanac.com suggests making your own from two long sticks, paper and string. Need instructions? We found this great pin for help.

Collect leaves, nuts and foliage - Whether you’re looking to decorate your home with signs of the season, or plan to guide your little ones in festive arts and crafts, it can be fun to collect some autumn color to bring home with you. Need ideas for how to preserve your collection? Redtedart.com offers 6 different ways to keep what you’ve collected looking beautiful. (SIX different ways!)

Fishing - Why not give fishing a try? A relaxing day in the fall sunshine can be even more enjoyable when you sit along the water in the hopes of your first catch. Active.com offers tips for the beginning fisher.

Ready to plan that camping trip? Take advantage of the “off” season and enjoy the outdoors with no crowds and our winter rates.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Plan A Halloween Camping Trip

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What could be better than a Halloween camping trip? Imagine the setting: dark and silent, other than the sounds of nature, allowing everyone’s imaginations to run wild! We’ve put together some ideas for making memories this Halloween. From stories around the campfire to spooky treats and even haunted places nearby; keep reading to plan a Halloween camping trip that will leave everyone screaming for more.

Ideas to Help Plan a Halloween Camping Trip

Get those creepy campfire stories ready! Imagine the ambiance of the dark night, the sounds of nature, the crackling campfire and the anticipation for what’s to come. We found stories suited for all ages that are sure to create exactly the experience you’re looking for. Visit americanfolklore.net and urbanledgends.com to read through and pick the best stories for your group.

Keep your audience awake and full of enough nervous energy to be hanging on every sound and jumping at every shadow! Spooky snacks around the campfire are just the thing to keep them going. Check out these sweet and bootiful snacks that can be made right over the fire for your group of ghost hunters and campers. Being slightly frightened might take more energy than we think. You might want to also try this recipe of supernatural treats, just in case!

Ready to explore the (maybe) haunted surroundings outside Lindy’s Landing? There are several nearby locations with spooky stories and ghost sightings waiting for you and your group to add to your Halloween experience. Whether you visit these haunts ahead of your campfire or build up the courage to visit in the dark, you can plan to keep the mood alive with a side trip for added memories.

We would love to have you and your group here for an eerie, supernatural Halloween camping trip!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Get Your RV Ready for Cold Weather

Adventures in your RV might be most common in the warm summertime months, but just because Summer is gone doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the joys of RVing. It will take a little bit of preparation, but you really can enjoy your RV year-round. We found useful tips and videos to share with you for winterizing both the outside and the inside of your RV.

Tips for Getting Your RV Ready for Cold Weather

From windows to wheels and everything in between, there are ways to make your RV suitable and comfortable for using beyond the warm months of summer. We found several people who offered tried and true advice for keeping you and your RV adventuring throughout the year.

GonewiththeWynns.com not only offers advice for winterrizing your RV, but they shot a couple of videos to share that show them in the thick of a Colorado winter feeling cozy and warm . You can watch their video on getting the outside of your RV ready for cold weather here.  And when you’re ready to make the inside feel like home and keep the humidity levels down you can click here to watch those tips. We particularly like their money-saving tip of using snow for skirting your undercarriage.
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A lot of heat can be lost through your windows and vents. Byexample.com offers some great tips for window treatments and insulating your windows and vents. Both of these will help keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside. Using their insulating tips can help save energy and money! Check out their DIY for insulating vent pillows: http://bit.ly/2b9GVen

It’s important to remember your water and sewer lines when you get your RV ready for cold weather. RVing Guide gives great tips on preparing both of these before the temperatures drop. Their simple tip for using PVC pipe, instead of the standard “slinky style” hose for your winter sewer line is just one of their great insulating ideas. Click to check out all their RV winterizing tips: http://bit.ly/2bc6QfB


With a few adjustments, you’ll be ready to enjoy your RV, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions! Lindy’s Landing is open year-round and we look forward to seeing all our cold weather visitors.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

RV Camping vs. Tent Camping

Anyone who considers themselves a camper has strong opinions about the best ways to make every aspect of the adventure happen. Probably one of the biggest arguments is whether or not RV camping is “real” camping and whether or not tent campers have the upperhand on the camping experience.

We will stay neutral because we love ALL the campers and cater to both preferences. But just for fun, we thought we’d list some of the things that make each camping style awesome for those who choose it.  

Let’s start with RV camping:

  • An RV gives you the comforts of home and the experience of the great outdoors
  • Everything you need can be at your fingertips
  • There’s room for packing enough supplies for an extended stay
  • The RV means keeping the littlest campers safe and comfortable for naps and nighttime

But then there’s Tent camping:

  • You can pitch a tent almost anywhere. Check out these great spots in CA!
  • Get totally unplugged! This is the perfect way to truly step away from the regular routine.
  • Wanna get away and not break the bank? Tent camping can be inexpensive.
  • Looking for a temporary and beautiful step outside of your comfort zone? Pack your tent and supplies and hit the road!

No matter how you choose to experience some time away, we have a camping spot waiting for you to enjoy!

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Campfire Ideas - A Guide to Making Memories

Summer is now in full swing! The days are filled with sunshine, water sports, and outdoor living and the nights are filled with the memory-making that only a campfire can provide.

Family Campfire Ideas

We’ve searched the web for all the best recipes, games, and even fire-building ideas and have gathered them together to share with you:

How to Build your Campfire:
We’re sure that most of you already have your tried-and-true campfire-building down. But just in case, wikiHow has this step-by-step guide. Click to compare your method with what they suggest.

How to Cook on the Campfire:
What would camping be without meals prepared over the fire? This collection of camping and campfire ideas and recipes from rving.how will get you inspired! Click here for snacks, desserts and main dishes. We also found this great selection of recipes for your Campfire Pie Irons from Northern Cheapskate. Now we’re hungry!

Best Campfire Games for Everyone:
Now that you’ve built your fire and you and your guests are full and content, it’s time for those round-the-campfire games! IMom offers these 7 fun ideas to get the imaginations stirring. Need more? Escape Adulthood put together these 10 Campfire games you HAVE to play!

Did we forget anything? Do you have a favorite recipe or game that we should know about? Post it to our Facebook page by clicking here and use the hashtag #campfireideas.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Staying Safe While Enjoying the Water

We’re so happy that the water is back and that it’s time to enjoy all our favorite water activities! Lindy’s Landing has been filling up with happy boaters and swimmers and we want to help everyone have fun while staying safe!

Water Safety Guidelines

  • Swimming and water play are the most popular water activities. Remember:
    • Never swim alone
    • Keep children under adult supervision at all times
    • Children who are not experienced/strong swimmers should wear a flotation device when around the water
    • Avoid alcohol when planning to swim or be on the water
  • Boating is a blast for groups, just keep in mind to:
    • Always wear a lifejacket when boating
    • Avoid alcohol when boating
    • Have a plan and make sure your passengers know what to do in case of an emergency

The last safety tip we have for you is to always be aware of swimmers. Remember that someone may be in trouble even if the don’t “look” like they are. Click to check out this article that highlights some signs to look out for!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Memorial Day Camping-Welcome Summer!

We’ve been waiting anxiously for this (unofficial) kickoff to Summer! It’s finally here and we can’t wait to see all of you!

Here’s a handy guide to our campsites and layouts and a few “Golden Rules” to make everyone’s experience as enjoyable and safe as possible:

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We can’t wait to see you!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Clean up and Upgrades to the Property!

The last few months have had us cleaning up and getting everything ready for all of YOU!

The rain is doing wonders so far! We spent the month of November topping and trimming trees and removing mistletoe. The trees and other natural growth loved all the rain, which gave us plenty to cut back and clean up. That means plenty of firewood! We also did half the park with asphalt grindings, so it should be less dusty this year.

We can’t wait to show you! Have you booked your camping trip yet? Summer may seem far away, but it will be here before you know it! Call us today to make your reservation

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Springtime Camping Checklist

The first teases of Springtime have us thinking of warmer days, colorful hikes and outdoor activities. We know you feel the call to get outside and get moving! 

A camping trip might be just what you need. But don't forget that Springtime weather can be tricky. You might wake up to sunshine and be tempted to pull on your shorts on e day and a chilly downpour the next. This means planning your Springtime camping trip takes extra preparation. Use our checklist below to ensure you're prepared for whatever comes your way. 

  • Thoroughly check all gear
    • Check for tears, holes and functionality
    • Is your air mattress leak free?
  • How's your stove working? 
    • Test the igniter 
  • Pack for cold nights
    • It may be tempting to grab the warm-weather gear, but Spring night are chilly
    • Pack your cold-weather bag
    • layers are a must
We found this checklist from Active.com to be helpful when double-checking what you've packed. Click here and get your list ready and then come visit us! 

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You Don’t Have to Miss Camping! We’re Open!

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We’re so happy that Winter is here and that it’s brought plenty of the traditional cold, rain and snow that we’ve been missing in the last few years. This is going to mean a better summer for all of us camping and water-loving folks! We hope you’ve taken advantage of the snow and had some fun on the mountains.

But don’t forget us! You don’t have to miss camping just because it’s winter! We’re here, uncrowded and open for you. Think of the advantages to coming out in the off season:

  • Lower rates
  • Getting your favorite site is easier
  • Last minute availability
  • A toasty campfire on a cold winter’s night
  • The joy of experiencing nature differently
  • Cooking up a hearty soup or stew to enjoy around the fire

We know that many of you are seasoned campers, but just in case you’re looking for some
Winter Camping essentials, BuzzFeed put together this list of tips to make enjoying the outdoors in winter.

You can find all our rates, policies and information by clicking here. Bundle up and come join us this winter to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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