Friday, January 15, 2016

El Nino-A Welcome Visitor

We’re sure that you’ve all heard the news-we’re expecting a visitor this Winter-El Nino, the storm that’s becoming a minor celebrity. There’s been a lot of speculation about how this weather system will impact California and our extended drought. Whether it continues to grow stronger or holds as the moderate storm that it is now, we couldn’t be happier for what it means for our water levels and for our guests this Spring and Summer! We’re rolling out the welcome mat and letting El Nino know we’d like him to feel right at home.

It’s not too early to think ahead to the days of sun, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing and relaxation. Check out all our amenities by visiting our amenities page and begin to plan the best way to take advantage of all the Winter rainfall that will stick around to make our Spring and Summer all the more enjoyable!

Call to book your 2016 getaway now (559) 897-2885. We’re looking forward to hearing the happy hum of boat motors.

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