Thursday, June 9, 2016

Staying Safe While Enjoying the Water

We’re so happy that the water is back and that it’s time to enjoy all our favorite water activities! Lindy’s Landing has been filling up with happy boaters and swimmers and we want to help everyone have fun while staying safe!

Water Safety Guidelines

  • Swimming and water play are the most popular water activities. Remember:
    • Never swim alone
    • Keep children under adult supervision at all times
    • Children who are not experienced/strong swimmers should wear a flotation device when around the water
    • Avoid alcohol when planning to swim or be on the water
  • Boating is a blast for groups, just keep in mind to:
    • Always wear a lifejacket when boating
    • Avoid alcohol when boating
    • Have a plan and make sure your passengers know what to do in case of an emergency

The last safety tip we have for you is to always be aware of swimmers. Remember that someone may be in trouble even if the don’t “look” like they are. Click to check out this article that highlights some signs to look out for!

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