Monday, July 11, 2016

Campfire Ideas - A Guide to Making Memories

Summer is now in full swing! The days are filled with sunshine, water sports, and outdoor living and the nights are filled with the memory-making that only a campfire can provide.

Family Campfire Ideas

We’ve searched the web for all the best recipes, games, and even fire-building ideas and have gathered them together to share with you:

How to Build your Campfire:
We’re sure that most of you already have your tried-and-true campfire-building down. But just in case, wikiHow has this step-by-step guide. Click to compare your method with what they suggest.

How to Cook on the Campfire:
What would camping be without meals prepared over the fire? This collection of camping and campfire ideas and recipes from will get you inspired! Click here for snacks, desserts and main dishes. We also found this great selection of recipes for your Campfire Pie Irons from Northern Cheapskate. Now we’re hungry!

Best Campfire Games for Everyone:
Now that you’ve built your fire and you and your guests are full and content, it’s time for those round-the-campfire games! IMom offers these 7 fun ideas to get the imaginations stirring. Need more? Escape Adulthood put together these 10 Campfire games you HAVE to play!

Did we forget anything? Do you have a favorite recipe or game that we should know about? Post it to our Facebook page by clicking here and use the hashtag #campfireideas.

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