Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Get Your RV Ready for Cold Weather

Adventures in your RV might be most common in the warm summertime months, but just because Summer is gone doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the joys of RVing. It will take a little bit of preparation, but you really can enjoy your RV year-round. We found useful tips and videos to share with you for winterizing both the outside and the inside of your RV.

Tips for Getting Your RV Ready for Cold Weather

From windows to wheels and everything in between, there are ways to make your RV suitable and comfortable for using beyond the warm months of summer. We found several people who offered tried and true advice for keeping you and your RV adventuring throughout the year. not only offers advice for winterrizing your RV, but they shot a couple of videos to share that show them in the thick of a Colorado winter feeling cozy and warm . You can watch their video on getting the outside of your RV ready for cold weather here.  And when you’re ready to make the inside feel like home and keep the humidity levels down you can click here to watch those tips. We particularly like their money-saving tip of using snow for skirting your undercarriage.
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A lot of heat can be lost through your windows and vents. offers some great tips for window treatments and insulating your windows and vents. Both of these will help keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside. Using their insulating tips can help save energy and money! Check out their DIY for insulating vent pillows:

It’s important to remember your water and sewer lines when you get your RV ready for cold weather. RVing Guide gives great tips on preparing both of these before the temperatures drop. Their simple tip for using PVC pipe, instead of the standard “slinky style” hose for your winter sewer line is just one of their great insulating ideas. Click to check out all their RV winterizing tips:


With a few adjustments, you’ll be ready to enjoy your RV, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions! Lindy’s Landing is open year-round and we look forward to seeing all our cold weather visitors.

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