Monday, August 8, 2016

RV Camping vs. Tent Camping

Anyone who considers themselves a camper has strong opinions about the best ways to make every aspect of the adventure happen. Probably one of the biggest arguments is whether or not RV camping is “real” camping and whether or not tent campers have the upperhand on the camping experience.

We will stay neutral because we love ALL the campers and cater to both preferences. But just for fun, we thought we’d list some of the things that make each camping style awesome for those who choose it.  

Let’s start with RV camping:

  • An RV gives you the comforts of home and the experience of the great outdoors
  • Everything you need can be at your fingertips
  • There’s room for packing enough supplies for an extended stay
  • The RV means keeping the littlest campers safe and comfortable for naps and nighttime

But then there’s Tent camping:

  • You can pitch a tent almost anywhere. Check out these great spots in CA!
  • Get totally unplugged! This is the perfect way to truly step away from the regular routine.
  • Wanna get away and not break the bank? Tent camping can be inexpensive.
  • Looking for a temporary and beautiful step outside of your comfort zone? Pack your tent and supplies and hit the road!

No matter how you choose to experience some time away, we have a camping spot waiting for you to enjoy!

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