Monday, March 27, 2017

3 Reasons to Plan a Camping Trip this Spring

Nothing feels quite as good as those first sunshiny days after the cold, wet winter. When the seasons change and spring peeks out at us from underneath the chilled ground, we know it’s time to start planning our outdoor activities. We’ve got 3 reasons to plan a camping trip this spring and we can’t wait to share them with you! Ready? Keep reading:
Lindy’s Landing shares the top 3 reasons to plan a camping trip this spring

Our Top 3 Reasons to Plan a Camping Trip this Spring

The sun is finally out, the chill has left the air and we’re ready to not only clean out our homes, but to clean out our very spirits! In our world (and we’re pretty sure your’s too), that means CAMPING! Here are our top 3 reasons to plan a camping trip this spring:

  1. Smaller Crowds - Let’s face it, unless you’re one of us, people aren’t making their camping reservations yet. This means you can get a great spot without fending off the crowds you normally see in the summertime. Spring is the perfect time to pick your favorite spot, spread out and enjoy the singing birds, croaking toads and lapping water without the busyness of a full campground.

  1. The summer heat hasn’t hit yet - There’s something completely different about the springtime sun that brings us out into the fresh air and makes us want to stay there, as opposed to the summertime sunshine that, undoubtedly, brings us joy, but also makes us seek the shade of a large tree and a refreshing dip in the rushing water. Book a springtime camping trip to soak up the sunshine while the temperature stays within welcoming regions.

  1. Wildflowers! - Springtime and the season’s blooms are synonymous! You simply can’t have spring without wildflowers! Pitch your tent, unpack your campground and don’t forget to bring a container or two to hold the fresh picked wildflowers you’re bound to gather on your morning hike!

Ready to get outdoors and plan your spring camping trip? We’re looking forward to seeing you! Take a look at our springtime camping checklist to make sure all your gear is in order and then give us a call to book your camping trip this spring.

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  1. If the water would go down enough I would be there next weekend. Hoping it drops by memorial day weekend so we can start the summer. Right now the campsite area is under 5' of water. Hoping it goes down so Gary and jake will have a good season

  2. Great camping in summer season to stay long time. And thank u for Sharing.