Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flood Water Updates

A year ago, who would have dreamed we were going to have TOO MUCH water?! They say, “Ask and you shall receive”. Looks like all of us Californians begging for an end to the drought got exactly what we asked for! Now, we’re navigating our flooded campgrounds and hoping the water recedes quickly so that we can get dried out fast. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all reservations for the Fourth of July and the weekend of July 7th.

The water level are expected to recede soon, so we should be able to honor the following weekend’s bookings (July 14th-16th)!
Lindy’s Landing gives flood water updates

Follow Along for Continued Flood Water Updates

Take a look at Jake’s video to get a good idea of what it looks like around the campground! As he so aptly puts it, "The upside is, I don't think we have any gophers anymore". There is always an upside.

Check out the difference between the June 29th video (where you can actually see some ground and sand) and the video Jake posted just 10 days earlier. It does give us hope that we can be done with this soon.

The local Sheriff’s Office says we may be able to allow boating this coming weekend, July 14th. However, as of right now we can’t say for certain. We’re keeping our eye on all conditions and checking with the Tulare County Sheriff’s office for all flood water updates and alerts.

Pine Flat Dam is 99% full (as of the end of June). Recent water releases caused flooding in King’s County and posed a threat to many residents and businesses. The release of water was reduced after the flooding occurred.

Visit the Lindy’s Landing Supporters Facebook page for more flood water updates and for information as it’s put out. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions at (559) 897-2885

We miss everyone and hope to have things back to normal soon!


  1. Lindy i love your work! its always so well written and also the way you articulate your thoughts is very vivid and descriptive! always fun!

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